The largest partner for shop renovation in the Nordics

muutosryhmä kaupan käänteen tekijä


A business game changer in shop renovation

Muutosryhmä designs and implements shop renovations to improve the shop’s result, develop the shop’s life cycle and create pleasant customer experiences. Our expertise in retail environments and chains and our trained staff guarantee smooth business, customer satisfaction and a good sales index during and after the refurbishment. If you want the day-to-day activities in your shop to go smoothly also during renovations, we are the right choice.


Leading implementer of shop renovations

Sales indices

Shop renovations cause disruptions and take a lot of time and resources. 

You are the experts in how to run a shop. We, in turn, are the experts in ensuring that the shop’s sales indices and customer satisfaction do not take a nosedive even during major shop refurbishments.

At the same time, the shop staff can stay on top of things, because they can concentrate on daily business.

Zero waste

 A shop renovation can lead to chaos with a lot of unnecessary waste. Sound familiar? It does not need to be like that.  

With us in charge, you can optimise the orders made during the shop renovation, products do not need to be warehoused during the renovation, and no waste is generated.

Minimising waste is not only good for the environment, it also has cash value.

Customer satisfaction

A shop renovation can create frustration among customers. In the worst-case scenario, this can prompt regular customers to shop elsewhere and to never return. But customers can also be satisfied during a renovation.

Our approach focusses on tidiness and safety in the shop environment, and on providing an easy and pleasant shopping experience also during a renovation.

The K-Citymarket shop refurbishment in Varkaus was a breeze with the help of a partner

The Varkaus K-Citymarket hypermarket has stood the test of time without major renovations since it was opened, so the refurbishment carried out in autumn 2022 brought the shop from the 90s to the present day in one go. During his career, shopkeeper Aki Tuononen has...