Muutosryhmä’s approach is the most efficient

We implement efficient shop renovation during which sales indices remain high and no waste is generated. Our efficiency is based on seamlessly combining the work phases and minimising waiting times, without forgetting the most important thing – the satisfaction of the shop’s customers. Our experts design and manage the renovation project, install new fixtures, dismantle old ones, move gondola shelving and implement the product display concept.

We also have know-how in the lightweight construction work required for shop renovations. The benefit of our service is the ease it brings: handing over the responsibility for a shop renovation to professionals reduces your worries and stress about the renovation, and allows you to dedicate your time to running your business.


A successful shop renovation starts with design that takes all aspects affecting the remodelling into account. Our goal is for day-to-day activities in the shop to run as smoothly as possible during the renovation and for sales indices to remain high. Our design also considers the shop’s own concept and the tidiness and safety of the shop environment. Our approach, in turn, enables a pleasant customer experience during the renovation, minimises waste and ensures that the projects are implemented with maximum efficiency.

Experience brings confidence also when it comes to shop refurbishments. We are building our experience through a hundred shop renovations a year on average, so to borrow the words of Kimi Räikkönen: I know what I’m doing.

Project management

Seamless teamwork is the only way to get to the pole position – and that requires precise management and grasping the big picture. In terms of project management, a shop renovation can be quite a challenge, as it requires not only dealing with the shop’s day-to-day matters, but also keeping all the balls in the air.

With us, you can experience a worry-free shop renovation – we schedule and oversee the project and report on the progress using a reporting model tailored to the customer’s needs. Under expert and capable leadership, work advances smoothly and lead times can be shortened.

Fixture installations

The fixture moving system developed by us is designed especially for shop environments and works with all fixtures, regardless of their manufacturer. The system allows moving loaded gondola shelving without the time-consuming emptying of the shelves, which also means faster lead times for the projects.

We can use the existing fixtures or install new ones – the choice is yours. In addition, our installers are used to working in shop environments, which guarantees a nice and convenient shopping experience and will not deter customers.



Everyone can change a tyre, but an F1 team will do it faster. The number of staff working in a shop is planned and arranged precisely according to the shop’s daily activities. That means that when some of the shop’s staff need to be allocated to the refurbishment project, the shop’s daily activities will suffer.

With us installing the fixtures and implementing the display concept, the project advances smoothly without any unnecessary waiting times, and the shop’s own staff can focus on serving customers and carrying out basic activities. This will often translate into a more enjoyable shopping experience for customers, not to mention the shop’s own staff – because work well-being tends to decline during renovations!


Lightweight construction

By ordering all shop refurbishment services from a single supplier, you have the entire pit-stop team at your service. The different phases are seamlessly integrated into the overall project schedule and unnecessary waiting times can be minimised.

Whether taping, surface treatment or floor overhauls, we take care of all lightweight construction work involved in a shop renovation. Thanks to our comprehensive partner network, we can also carry out modifications that require a permit.


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